How to Create a Photo Gallery in WordPress

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How to make your WordPress website look more attractive is to add a photo gallery on your WordPress website.

Not only does it contain text, image galleries in WordPress will make website visitors happy and feel at home for long when visiting websites/blogs.

Actually WordPress already provides a feature to display galleries on a page, but it looks less attractive.

So in this article, we will discuss how to create a photo gallery in WordPress with a plugin.

Plugins were chosen because they can make the display more attractive and can also make the display more attractive.

To shorten the discussion of this article, we will provide a list of some of the best WordPress gallery plugins that you can choose from.

Photo Gallery WordPress Plugin

Here are some of the best WordPress gallery plugins, versions from the team from the recommended gallery plugins article on WordPress.

1. NextGen Gallery

The recommended plugin for creating the first WordPress gallery is NextGen Gallery. Many wordpress users recommend this plugin.

It is proven that the reviews on WordPress are indeed good with the most total downloads to date.

This plugin is suitable for those of you who plan to create a website with a photo gallery.

Not only for photography websites, graphic design or other similar websites, this website is suitable for all websites.

Appearance options You can create only thumbnail images or slideshows.

2. Envira Gallery

The second recommendation for a plugin to create a gallery in WordPress is no less interesting, we recommend Envira Gallery.

You can easily create photo galleries in WordPress with just drag and drop without the need for programming skills.

The advantage of this plugin is that it also supports page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi and others.

For SEO matters, you don’t need to bother because it has been optimized.

3. Foo Gallery

Third, the recommended plugin for creating the next WordPress gallery is Foo Gallery.

Foo Gallery is a gallery plugin that is easy to use for beginners, attractive layout and has high speed.

This plugin already supports responsive design, lazy load features and retina display support.

4. Modula Image Gallery

You need to consider this plugin from WP Chill when choosing a gallery plugin for WordPress.

Modula is a plugin that supports mobile responsiveness, does not make websites slow and does not require a single line of code to use it.

Modula customization features are also complete, you can crop, adjust contrast and other settings on the website easily.

5. Slider, Gallery and Carousel by MetaSlider

Fifth, this plugin from Metaslider is included in our recommendations for creating a WordPress gallery.

You can create an SEO-optimized slider, slideshow, carousel or gallery in minutes.

How to Create a Photo Gallery in WordPress

In this example, we will make a complete tutorial on how to create a WordPress gallery using the NextGEN Gallery plugin.

NextGEN Gallery was chosen because it has the most users and many have recommended it.

Here are the steps to create a gallery view in WordPress:

Install the NextGEN Gallery plugin

The first step to create a gallery on a blog is to install the NextGEN Gallery plugin.

Make sure you are logged into your WordPress account, then go to the Plugin menu > Add New > Then look for NextGEN Gallery. Install NextGEN Gallery

Please install and activate the plugin until it works.

Successfully Install NextGEN Gallery

Now if your installation process is correct, the NextGEN Gallery menu will appear on the WordPress dashboard. Install NextGEN Gallery successfully

There are several menus that you can use such as Overview, Add gallery, Manage Galleries, Manage Albums, Manage Tags, Gallery Settings, Other Options and Extensions.

Select Add Gallery/Images

Now the process of creating a gallery on the website can be done by selecting the Add Gallery/Images.Add Gallery menu

Now please enter it in the “Gallery title” menu then upload the photos/images that you will create a gallery then select “Create Gallery”. Create and Select Gallery

Now, just select the pictures that you will make galleys, if you have selected “Upload Files” at the bottom. Upload Files

Please wait for the upload process to complete.

Add Gallery in New Post

Next, please open the Post menu > Add New. Select Gallery Name

Now on the Choose Display menu on NextGEN, please select the name of the gallery that you created earlier.

In this example we name it “Test Gallery”.

Select Gallery View

Now, this NextGEN plugin has several custom gallery views that you can choose from, please select one then select “Insert Gallery”.

Custom Display Settings

Next, please select the custom display settings, if you want to customize the size, please change it in several parts. Custom Display Settings

If it’s not there, you can scroll down and select the “Insert Gallery” button.

Check on the Website

If you have, please publish and check the results whether the website gallery has been successfully created.

Well, isn’t it better and easier to create a gallery on a WordPress page?


Thus the discussion on how to create photo and image galleries in WordPress.

In addition to using the NextGEN plugin above, you can use other plugins that are no less interesting.

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If you have suggestions or other more interesting plugins, please write them in the comments column below.

Thank you

Welcome to Skitso Gallery

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Iggy talks about Pretty Girls flopping, shades Britney/her team

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Britney Spears clearly knows hоw tо throw ѕоmе shade.

Aftеr hеr “Pretty Girls” collaborator Iggy Azalea mаdе ѕоmе remarks оn Twitter аbоut thе song’s lack оf success, Spears casually tweeted аn offhand remark tо рut thе Aussie rapper іn hеr place.

“Can’t wait tо gеt bасk tо Vegas. Sо thankful I hаvе shows fоr thе rеѕt оf thе year tо look forward to… #YouWantAPieceOfMe” ѕhе wrote.

Thоugh ѕhе nеvеr explicitly names Azalea, it’s nо stretch tо interpret thіѕ аѕ pointing оut Azalea’s canceled tour іn comparison tо Spears’ ongoing multi-million dollar residency іn Lаѕ Vegas. And thеn there’s thаt hashtag — аn aggressive elaboration оn hеr track title “Piece оf Me.”

I don’t think shoving the song down the general public throats would make the song more successful tbh or maybe it would’ve helped a bit, but if the GP doesn’t connect the song you’re doomed, I think that was the biggest problem tbh.

I still dont see the song was the problem… it didnt connect because no one knew it existed. Not only fans buy music, u know?

She’s right, no promo, nothing, britney Was doing well promoting albums but since BJ everything went down she needs a new team/record label , britney is slowly starting not to care about her music i love her but i don’t think she’s doing the right thing.

I think shes right i think it would of done better if it got maybe another big performance somewhere down the line but what can u do…

Whitening skin by cosmetic

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Whitening skin is a premium cosmetic product, just like a woman in her thirties was in her twenties.

If you want to be reborn into an ideal beautiful skin by leveling up the power that the skin is hidden from the original, it is necessary to check skin care again. I think that it is possible to improve the skin power by utilizing cosmetics that fit your troubles.

Cosmetic products that can be expected to be whitening are sold by a wide variety of manufacturers. I think that you can feel the effectiveness by permanently using the one that is perfect for each person’s skin.

When you are wearing eye makeup, in order not to put a burden on the skin of the whole area of the eyes, you should first remove the eye makeup with a removed product for eye makeup, then cleanse and wash your face.
Choose a body soap that foams well with really fine particles. If the foam is very low, the risk of damage to the skin is reduced because the friction when washing up the body is reduced as much as possible.

When cosmetics appear somewhere on the face, you can see that it becomes a psychological state that you want to crush with nails because it attracts the eye, but because of crushing, traces of cosmetics like craters remain.

Because the skin of the whole neck is thin and delicate, it often becomes wrinkled, but if wrinkles stand out around the neck, it will be seen as old. Even if you use a pillow that is higher than necessary, you can get a around your neck.

If you exercise regularly, it will lead to the activation of turnover. If the circulation of blood improves by working on exercise, turnover is also encouraged, so you can say that you can get beautiful skin.

If you take something greasy for a long time, you will be able to see the opening of pores. If you are careful to eat a balanced diet, you will also improve the opening of tired pores.

Make the slea around your neck inconspicuous with a swath exercise. I think that the wringer becomes thin step by step if the face is turned up, and the skin around the neck is stretched and stretched.

Even if a woman in her thirties continues skin care using the same cosmetics as when she was young in her twenties, skin power cannot be expected to improve. Cosmetics to be selected should be looked back over a period of time.

It is said that the aloe of the multi-meat plant is effective for any kind of disease. Of course, it shows the effect to the stain measures, but because it is not possible to hope for immediate effect, it is an absolute condition to continue painting every day.

If you go on and on with skin care that is not appropriate, your skin’s water retention ability may decrease and your constitution may change to sensitive skin. Let’s improve the moisturizing power by using skin care products containing ceramide ingredients.

Do you use lotion generously? Because it was very expensive, if you use only a small amount, the moisture of the skin will be lost. Let’s use it generously, and let’s get the beautiful skin of the thychi.

If you originally want to whiten your black skin, it is important to take measures to prevent ultraviolet rays, even if you are in a room, it does not mean that you will not be affected by ultraviolet rays. Prevent it with UV-cut cosmetics.

When washing your face while bathing, the act of washing your face by soaking the hot water in the bathtub as it is is a law. Washing your face with too hot water may damage your skin. Be try to use lukewarm water.

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Educational Definition, Meaning, Context

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The understanding of education is the process of changing the attitudes and behaviors of a person or group of people in an effort to conduct human beings through teaching and training efforts; process, manner, educational deeds.

When it comes to education people will tend to think about school or college.

In fact, the understanding of education is not only related to the school. Tutors who you call home to help learn are also part of the education.

So, what exactly does education mean? Are schools, families, and neighborhoods also part of education as well?

Definition and Definition of Education

According to the Great Dictionary of Bahasa Indonesia, Education is a process of changing the attitudes and behaviors of a person or group of people in an effort to understand people through teaching and training efforts; process, manner, educational deeds.

Regarding the definition of education, many experts try to explain it, some of them such as:

Ki Hajar Dewantara
Education is the process of guiding all the natural forces that exist in students’ children, so that they as human beings and as members of society can achieve the highest salvation and happiness.

Carter V Good
Education is the process of developing individual proficiency in societal attitudes and behaviors.

Martinus Jan Langeveld
Education is an effort to help children to be able to perform their life tasks independently in order to be morally responsible.

Educational Objectives

Based on the Laws of the Republic of Indonesia, in general the purpose of Indonesian education is to educate Indonesian people.

Through human education it is expected to be knowledgeable, creativity, physical and spiritual health, good personality, self-reliance, and responsibility.

So that the product of this understanding of education will have functions as revealed by David Popenoe, namely:

Transmission (transfer) of culture.
Choose and teach social roles.
Ensuring social integration.
The school teaches personality patterns.
A source of social innovation.

Types of education in Indonesia

Types of education can be grouped into three types, 1) Formal education, 2) Non-formal education, and 3) Informal education

Formal education is what we routinely live by. Education through tiered stages such as elementary school, junior high school, high school, university, and so on.

Non-formal education is outside of formal education that can be done in tiers. Examples include Learning Guidance Institutions, Workshops, Playing Groups, and so on.

Informal education is an education that can be done independently, can be from family, environment, school, and others. Examples of this education are customs, manners, religion, ethics, and morals.